Kuningan City X HEIMLO present Krismastology : A Revel In The 4th Wonder Celebration . 
Installation is curated and built by Catalyst Arts Team.
In December 2016, Kuningan City - a grand shopping mall in the center of Jakarta celebrated their 4th Anniversary combined with Christmas Celebration. We have the opportunity to design and make main stage, one small support stage, some box decorations, and mall facade decorations. 

The inspiration is taken from Geometry, colors & festive. Everything's start with small thing. Dots become lines, lines become forms, forms become spaces. Geometric lines unite in harmony with primary colors. This is a symbol where festive thing can start from something simple. Beside the patterns, we also put some hip keywords. The main stage installation was manually painted based on the digital patterns. 

HEIMLO Team: Tommy Chandra, Marcella Susanto
Catalyst Team: Raymond Malvin, Patricia Wulandari

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