“To be Continued” is a series that questions continuity. Space and time are the two components that build the sequence of life in the universe. In physics, there is a mathematical model that combines space and time into one continuity. Everything that is created is relative, will gradually change and continue over and over again. I try to break down space, time, and life into different parts, imagining that each of these components goes through its own process. Some come, some go. Some are lost, some are returned. One thing that is absolute is continuity itself.  SPACE, symbolized by the impossible room, which was inspired by M.C. Escher’s “Relativity”. TIME, represented by the Sun and (the phase of) Moon, 2 timepieces, also a homage to Salvador Dali's melting clock. LIFE, symbolized by evolution and metamorphosis. The digital moth was inspired by Van Gogh's blue butterflies. We spend our life now more in a "new" space, a digital one, 24/7. The evolution in the digital era still continues and like a moth/butterfly, it keeps changing into a better one.

6000x6000px, RGB, digital, 2022

This NFT is being shown on #Tezos exhibition “NFTs: Inner Worlds, Immortalized” @artmomentsjakarta. FREE to be claimed during 4-6 November 2022. 

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To be Continued. Fig.1 | SPACE
To be Continued. Fig.2 | TIME
To be Continued. Fig.3 | LIFE
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